Woman Becomes ‘Engaged’ to Chandelier

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

A woman has become “engaged” to her favorite chandelier, according to a report.

33-year-old Amanda Liberty from Leeds, England, reportedly proposed to the chandelier on Valentine’s Day, however she will be “continuing an open relationship with the rest of her collection of 25 chandeliers,” according to Inside Edition.

“You can’t control who you fall in love with and things just went from there,” explained Liberty, who added that she saw her “fiancée” Lumiere on eBay last year.

Inside Edition reported, “The nearly 30-inch wide chandelier is an antique and had to be shipped over from Germany,” and, “Although Lumiere is the only chandelier that wears a ring,” Liberty “loves all the light fixtures in her collection.”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was — she has such a beautiful shape, and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her,” she proclaimed. “Although I knew it would be tricky to get her home, I knew I needed to find a way to make her mine.”

“None of my chandeliers are jealous of each other, they understand that I love them all for all of their different personalities,” Liberty concluded. “For example, I love kissing and cuddling Lumiere, but I sleep with Jewel every night, as she is portable and very nice to cuddle.”

Liberty, who reportedly identifies as “objectum sexual,” first fell in love with a drum set at 14-years-old, and was previously in a relationship with the Statue of Liberty, “for which she legally changed her name in 2010.”

Despite her love for the statue, Liberty claimed that the distance “took its toll” on their relationship after visiting just six times.

In 2014, a British woman “married” her dog following a failed marriage, and in April, a Chinese man “married” his self-created robot girlfriend.

The man decided to marry the robot after he reportedly became frustrated over “failing to find a girlfriend,” and despite the robot’s limitations, he plans to upgrade the robot wife over time.

Other bizarre marriages have included a woman who married a roller coaster and a woman who married the Eiffel Tower.

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