Twitter, YouTube Suspend Steven Crowder over ‘Hateful Conduct’ at South by Southwest Festival

Conservative broadcaster Steven Crowder
Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Twitter and YouTube allegedly targeted conservative commentator Steven Crowder, limiting his social media accounts and those of his staff, along with removing certain YouTube videos. recently reported that the Twitter account of conservative commentator Steven Crowder was temporarily limited for violating the sites rules relating to “hateful conduct.” Crowder’s tweet sharing a video of an intern infiltrating a “gender fluid” panel at the South by Southwest film festival is apparently what violated the sites conduct policy. When Crowder logged into Twitter, he was told that his account was limited for 12 hours, and he must delete the tweet in order to remove the limitation.

According to Louder with Crowder, this is why the tweet may have violated hateful conduct policies:

“Here’s what we think happened. The original video that went out didn’t have the word “f*ggot” soft bleeped. The original video was immediately pulled from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as the studio team added bleeps for the “offensive” content. After the bleeps were added into the video, the studio re-uploaded the SXSW undercover video back to YouTube and Facebook.”

Crowder’s producer Jared Monroe then uploaded the video again, with potentially offensive words censored, but also received a Twitter suspension:

After Louder with Crowder scheduled video promotional tweets of the newly censored video, Crowder’s suspension on Twitter was increased to a week:

And shortly after this the intern featured in the video, who goes by the online handle SvenComputer, was also suspended from Twitter:

YouTube has also deleted the video of Sven Computer attending the South by Southwest conference.

Louder with Crowder notes that Twitter failed to act on multiple reports sent by the conservative comedian after online trolls began posting edited photos of Crowder and misattributing quotes to him in an effort to paint him as racist or “alt-right.”

Crowder’s Twitter account is still reportedly limited, as is Jared Monroe’s and Sven Computer’s.


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