Liberty University Opens Gun Range for Student Use

Sarah Bard, of Gilbert, shoots at Caswells Shooting Range, Tuesday, April 6, 2010 in Mesa, Ariz. in preparation for her upcoming concealed weapons test. Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law two bills supported by gun-rights activists. One of the bills signed Monday would broaden the state's current restrictions on …
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Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is opening a gun range for its students this week.

Students at Liberty University, a conservative Christian university in Virginia, will be invited this week to enjoy their campus’s new $3.2 million gun range. The gun range, which has been in planning and construction stages for over a year, will also be open to the public following the conclusion of Liberty’s academic year in May.

Brad Butler, the planning coordinator in Liberty’s Planning and Construction department, said in December that Liberty will be the first American college campus that has venues for every Olympic shooting sport.

“We’re very excited and we have a great plan for the future,” Butler said. “What’s unique about this facility is it’s the only range on any college campus that has venues for all Olympic shooting sports. The rest of the world is moving away from the Second Amendment and the shooting sports. Liberty University, thanks to the bold leadership of President (Jerry) Falwell and Vice President (Trey) Falwell, is running to it. We are engaging our students, giving them safe and convenient opportunities to compete, and to learn the right way to handle a firearm.”

Liberty University is known for its strong stance on the second amendment. Students at Liberty are permitted to keep firearms in their dorm rooms. Additionally, students who are uncomfortable around guns are permitted to request a room transfer away from a room that has a gun. Now, Liberty University will become one of only two schools in the country that has a gun range.

Liberty sophomore Landon Dalton explained that being a part of Liberty’s shooting sports team helped him grow as a Christian. “I got introduced to a whole new world up here in competitive shooting and it’s been awesome,” Dalton said. “Coach Hartman has really helped us out a lot. He’s a very godly man and a great coach and he’s helped us grow as teammates and as shooters, but more importantly as better Christians.”


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