Coulter on South African ‘Genocide’: ‘No One Under Fifty Is Getting News from the Mainstream Media Anymore’

Coulter Passionate

After an audience member asked conservative author Ann Coulter about the genocide of white farmers in South Africa during Breitbart News’ Town Hall on Thursday, and why the media is refusing to cover it. Coulter discussed the murders, saying “no one under fifty is getting his news from the mainstream media anymore.”

“Why do you think the mainstream media has been silent on the genocide of white farmers in South Africa, and why does social media censor posts about the issue, and how can we draw attention to these crimes?” asked the attendee.

“I am so glad you asked that question. No, seriously, I take such heart in this, it shows me how people, no one under fifty is getting his news from the mainstream media anymore,” replied Coulter. “I just spoke in Boulder, Colorado, and okay there were a few liberals and they were just asking questions the professors wanted them to ask. Every conservative question was about South Africa, [and] Brittany Pettibone… She was excluded from England, held and then deported, because she wanted to interview Tommy Robinson. I mean the Internet is so important for getting news. No one would even know what is going on in South Africa.”

“We’re about to see a genocide and if Trump doesn’t keep his promises on immigration, in about two generations that’s going to be the United States of America, so get used to it. But we are seeing a genocide there, and if we’re going to take any refugees it seems to me it ought to be particularly these white farmers who are being chosen and killed in really horrible ways,” she declared. “They’re not just going in and shooting them point blank, they’re really disgusting. They’re boiling people to death, just really sick tortures. They’re outnumbered, there aren’t that many of them, they’re going to be wiped out.”

“Oh, and just one more point that a lot of Americans don’t know. We’re so used to, ‘Oh colonialism,’ no, the Boers, the ones who are there, were there before the Zulus,” concluded Coulter. “They got there first. The Zulus came down like a hundred years later. I mean we are witnessing a straight out genocide.”

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