Dr. Robert Epstein: Technology Evolves Too Quickly to Be Restrained by Regulation

Google is increasingly similar to Big Brother's Oceania in 1984
Jeremie Lederman/ledermanstudio.com

Noted psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein appeared on Breitbart News Daily on Thursday to argue that laws and regulations are insufficient with regards to restricting overreach by social media companies.

Dr. Epstein, who appeared at Breitbart News’ “Masters of the Universe” town hall event in April, appeared on Breitbart News Daily on Thursday to discuss how Americans might respond to ongoing privacy violations by social media companies like Google.

Epstein explained to Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow why regulation is insufficient to restrict social media companies that are violating the privacy of their users.

“The reason why I think that laws and regulations won’t help us very much is because these companies find ways around them, number one, and number two, it’s because technology changes very quickly,” Epstein said. “And laws and regulations do not. The only way we can be protected from these companies is through monitoring. In other words, using technology, monitoring technologies, to monitor these companies. They monitor us, they are literately tracking everything we do 24 hours a day. Why don’t we monitor them?”

He went on to advocate for monitoring systems, which track whether or not search engines are producing partisan results on political search queries.

“In 2016, my associates and I set up the first ever successful system to monitor some of the material these big tech companies were presenting related to the election in 2016. So specifically we monitored search results that Google, Bing, and Yahoo were showing users related to the election to see if there was any bias in those search results to see if there was any bias towards President Trump or Hillary Clinton,” Epstein explained. “And we did find bias. More importantly, we showed that it is a viable option to set up monitoring systems.”



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