Facebook Now Lets Users File Complaints Against Advertisers

The Associated Press

Facebook now lets users file complaints against businesses if they had a bad experience after purchasing a product through an advertisement on the platform.

“If enough people complain about a business, it could lead to Facebook banning the company from running ads,” reported the Verge, who explained that the new feature is an attempt to combat “bad shopping experiences” with companies, which end up making Facebook look bad too.

“Facebook is particularly interested in a few problem areas: shipping times, product quality, and customer service. This isn’t just a matter of misleading advertising: if a company regularly provides bad service, products that don’t meet buyers’ expectations, or just frustrates consumers, they risk getting in trouble with the platform,” the Verge explained. “It appears that Facebook will send notifications to users to ask about their experience if it detects that they’ve purchased something after clicking on an ad. You’ll also be able to find those companies and leave feedback on the Ads Activity page.”

Before Facebook sanctions a company on the platform, it will reportedly reach out to the business and attempt to find out what the problem was.

“If customer feedback doesn’t improve after a warning, Facebook will eventually start to limit how many ads a company can run,” the Verge reported. “If it continues long enough, they can be banned.”

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