Missouri State Professor Solicits Penis Pictures from Men for ‘Research’

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As a part of a supposed research project, a sociology professor at Missouri State University is asking that men across the country send her pictures of their junk.

A strange post on Reddit appeared over the weekend. In the post, professor Alicia Walker from Missouri State University asks that self-conscious men send her pictures of their penis. Although the submissions are supposed to be submitted anonymously, participants are required to submit not only penile measurements but also photo evidence.

Volunteers needed for a study on penis size and self-esteem. Study has both a survey AND interview component; you may complete one or both portions.

Survey requires the submission of ANONYMOUS penile measurements (erect and flaccid, length and girth) AND photo evidence (also anonymous/absent identifying features) Interviews do not require photos; conducted by email or phone.

There was some initial skepticism that professor Alicia Walker was actually behind the Reddit post. However, a report from The College Fix confirms that Walker was indeed on the other side of the bizarre digital genitalia solicitation. Professor Walker said in an email that the research is being conducted to highlight the insecurities that men often have about their penis.

“The men I’ve talked to thus far are in a great deal of distress because of how we view penis size at present. And how they feel is absolutely impacting their condom use, their willingness to even attempt to approach potential sexual partners, and even going to the doctor for a physical exam,” Walker explained. “Their physical health is actually impacted by how they feel about their penis. This isn’t a frivolous study.”

When asked about how Missouri State might view her decision to solicit “dick pics” online for research, she brushed off the question: “I’ve no idea how MSU feels about it … What’s inappropriate about men’s bodies or their feelings?”


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