San Diego State Student Shamed by Peers for Saying ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Does Not Exist

Gillette ad against "boys being boys" and "toxic masculinity"

A student at San Diego State University published an op-ed in the student newspaper arguing that “toxic masculinity” does not exist. His piece earned the scorn of the campus community, which compared it to the writings of “school shooters.”

In a column that was first highlighted by The College Fix, San Diego State University student Jermelle MacLeod took a stand against the “toxic masculinity” narrative.

“Traits that one person considers toxic, may not be to another person; the entire phrase is based on a subjective scale with absolutely no objective ground and is used as a shaming tactic for ‘modern feminists’ and anybody else buying into their horrible rhetoric,” MacLeod wrote in the column.

“The problem is, by shaming men on a completely subjective scale, you intimidate, which is exactly what the left and most ‘feminists’ want, they want to intimidate the men that go against the grain and reject the weak and feminized version of men you see portrayed everywhere,” he continued.

MacLeod told The College Fix that members of the San Diego State University community have treated him poorly since the column was published in March. Some of his peers have resorted to name-calling. One compared him to Vice President Mike Pence. Another student told him that his writings could have appeared in the manifesto of a school shooter.

Despite the negative reactions, MacLeod claims that he also received an outpouring of support and positive feedback. “A lot of kids were surprised that somebody [was willing to actually say it]. I found out that mostly, even if they didn’t like what I said, they still liked that I said it anyway,” MacLeod said.

MacLeod believes that masculinity is under attack because it is a concept that is inherently individualistic. “Masculinity is the application of four traits. Courage, mastery, honor and strength,” MacLeod said. “It’s under attack because all those things are inherently individualistic, and they go against a lot of what is being preached nowadays, which is fearfulness, sensitiveness, timidity, and it’s the exact opposite of what’s being pushed right now,” MacLeod said.

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