California Auditors: UC Berkeley ‘Failed to Establish’ Culture Based on Merit

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A recent audit conducted by the state of California revealed that the University of California accepted at least 64 students due to their connections to university staff or donors over more qualified applicants. The majority of the applicants chosen for their connections were found at UC Berkeley, which the state auditors accused of failing to “establish a campus culture that values commitment to an admissions process based on fairness and applicants’ merits and achievements.”

According to a report by NPR, the University of California system has come under fire this week after the publication of a state audit that revealed that admissions officers have accepted dozens of students based on their connections to university staff or donors.

Of the schools analyzed during the audit, UC Berkeley was the worst offender, admitting 42 applicants based on ties to prominent members of the university community. In their report, the state auditors said that UC Berkeley leadership has failed to create a culture where admissions are based on merit.

“The pervasiveness of this problem at UC Berkeley demonstrates that campus leadership has failed to establish a campus culture that values commitment to an admissions process based on fairness and applicants’ merits and achievements,” auditors stated in the document

University of California System President Michael Drake said that admissions officers that gave preference to connected students will face sanctions.

“The University will swiftly address the concerns the State Auditor raised. Furthermore, individuals involved in improper activities will be disciplined appropriately,” Drake wrote in a statement. “Our entire organization is committed to a level playing field for every applicant. Unethical means to gain admission, as rare as they may be, run contrary to our longstanding values of equity and fairness.”

Breitbart News reported this month that a California judge has blocked the University of California from using the SAT and ACT exam as part of its admissions process. The system and its nine campuses had already made standardized testing scores optional for applicants earlier this year.

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