Watch: Florida Students Shocked to Learn that Biden Uses ‘Cages’ for Kids at Border

A Honduran man seeking asylum in the United States wears a shirt that reads, "Biden please let us in," as he stands among tents that line an entrance to the border crossing, Monday, March 1, 2021, in Tijuana, Mexico. President Joe Biden is holding a virtual meeting with Mexican President …
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Florida students were shocked to learn that President Joe Biden recently opened holding cells — which some call “cages” — for migrant children at the border, and that former President Donald Trump had actually signed an order that stopped family separation at the border.

One student said that she found the revelations, “shocking,” adding, “everyone made Trump look like a bad image, and [Biden]’s basically doing the same thing.”

Another student, however, expressed that she was not shocked, and that she expects that “from here on out, it’s probably going to get worse.”

Campus Reform released a video of the students’ reactions, in which reporter Addison Smith interviewed several students.

Watch Below:


“You can’t, like, put them in cages, if, like, anything, give them a chance to be able to secure themselves on American soil,” said a student.


Students also expressed their contempt for the so-called “cages” after seeing the photos of the holding cells, which looked like “shipping containers” with bars on the windows.

“I don’t like that all,” said one student. “I don’t really like the idea of ripping children from their families in the first place, and then keeping them in, like, glorified shipping containers. It’s not nice.”

“It’s like, it’s hard to even, like, explain your emotions, because it’s like, why would you put children in a cage, like, as if they were an animal, like, even dogs themselves, they’re not always in a cage their whole lives,” a second student said.

“It just kind of reminds me of the, what’s it called, like, the — what happened in Germany, Nazi, and, I forgot the name of it — the Holocaust,” reacted another student.

But after finding out that it was actually President Biden — not President Trump — who recently opened the holding cells shown in the photos, students shared their concerns about the current president.

“That is shocking, because I did not know that,” said one student. “Everyone made Trump look like a bad image, and [Biden]’s basically doing the same thing, so, yeah, that’s very shocking. I did not know that.”

“I mean, it sucks, he kinda — he went back on his word,” another student said. “I think Biden lied.”

“I don’t think there should be a double standard,” reacted another student. “I wouldn’t be okay with Trump doing it, and I’m not okay with Biden doing it,” said another. “I think Biden has always just been kind of, like, the puppet mouth of the Democratic Party.”

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