Zoom CEO Says in the Near Future Your AI Avatar Will Attend Work Meetings for You

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan
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In a recent interview, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan shared his vision for the future of work, where AI-powered digital twins will “revolutionize” how we collaborate and communicate.

In an interview with the Verge, Eric Yuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, discussed the future of online meetings and video chats. Yuan started Zoom with the goal of making videoconferencing simpler and more accessible, and his vision paid off as Zoom became a household name during the pandemic. However, Yuan is not content with merely being a leader in videoconferencing; he has his sights set on a much grander future.

Human relaxes between robot workers

Human relaxes between robot workers

Yuan envisions a world where AI will fundamentally transform the way we work. He believes that in the near future, individuals will have the ability to create digital twins of themselves, AI-powered avatars that can attend meetings, read emails, and even make decisions on their behalf. He says this will free up time for people to focus on more important things, like spending time with family or engaging in creative pursuits.

“Imagine a world where you and I live in Silicon Valley. I live in San Jose; you are in San Francisco. We may not be in the same place. Whenever you and I have a call down the road, it’ll feel like you and I are sitting together. I shake your hand, and you feel my hand. I give you a hug, and you feel my intimacy as well,” Yuan describes.

Yuan is confident that the technology to make it a reality is not far off. He believes that within the next five to six years, AI will be advanced enough to handle 90 percent of human users’ work-related tasks. However, he acknowledges that there are still significant hurdles to overcome, such as the issue of AI hallucinations and the need for personalized language models.

Despite these challenges, Yuan is undeterred. Zoom is heavily investing in AI, hiring more engineers, and purchasing GPUs to support their efforts. Yuan sees AI as a transformative technology, on par with the birth of the internet in the 1990s. He believes that embracing AI and incorporating it into Zoom’s platform can create a more efficient and productive workplace.

However, Yuan is also aware of AI’s potential risks and ethical concerns. He emphasized the importance of being responsible and accountable when handling user data and ensuring privacy and security. Zoom has already committed not to using customer data to train its own language models, and it is working on technologies to detect and prevent deep fakes.

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