Houston Mayor Dedicates Day to Canadian Rapper

Houston Mayor Dedicates Day to Canadian Rapper

Earlier this week we missed a golden opportunity to celebrate a new Houston holiday with Mayor Annise Parker.

According to MTV, Parker declared June 10th, “Drake Day”.

In case you didn’t know, Drake is a child star turned rapper who started his career on Canada’s hit teen drama, Degrassi High. Drake is a rapper, but he’s the kind of rapper that your little sister probably likes.  He’s famous for writing love songs about crying in the shower. He’s also a big fan of using the auto-tuner vocal effect.  

Apparently lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker is a big fan, because she gave him his own city holiday.  

An alleged official proclamation from the city of Houston–which was re-posted on Drake’s Instgram account–said, “In 2008, Lil Wayne invited Drake to fly to Houston and tour with him, and as a result, Drake has been a City Of Houston Ambassador, paying homage to Houston through his lyrics. He frequently mentions Houston in his songs, such as when he coined the term “Houstatlantavegas”, and has also been known to show kindness to the citizens of Houston.”

Meanwhile, Houston is facing a huge budget crisis, but Parker is still distracted with transsexual bathroom habits and ticketing people for parking in their own drive ways.

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