Fast Food Chain 'Jack in the Box' Accepting Food Stamps in San Antonio

Fast Food Chain 'Jack in the Box' Accepting Food Stamps in San Antonio

The fast food chain Jack in the Box is now accepting food stamps as payment in San Antonio, Texas.

An employee at Jack in the Box told Breitbart Texas that Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards–the “modern” version of food stamps, which look and function like debit cards–can be used to purchase anything on the menu.

The fast food chain reportedly released a statement that said, “This is a great program for those customers who need financial assistance to help them feed their families, especially for some seniors and those who cannot cook for themselves.”

There are 48 Jack in the Box locations located in San Antonio, according to KENS 5. Residents in the area apparently noticed promotions and advertisements promoting the restaurant’s acceptance of EBT cards. 

In recent years, the food stamp program has ballooned in size and scope. Almost one in six, or 47.5 million, Americans now benefit from the welfare program.  Over 13 million more people receive the food subsidies today than when President Obama took office.

Food stamp spending exceeded $80 billion last year, but the Department of Agriculture (USDA) has argued the program needs increased funding. In 2012, $6 billion was spent on food stamps in Texas alone; about 3.3 million Texans currently receive the food subsidies.

Many assert that the food stamp program is often counterproductive by discouraging work. When a recipient starts making too much income, they lose the benefit. The incentive to find a job is seemingly gone.

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