Alien Released with Notice to Appear Busted for Alleged Human Smuggling

Alien Released with Notice to Appear Busted for Alleged Human Smuggling

LAREDO, Texas – An illegal alien who had previously been released with a notice to appear found herself back in federal custody when authorities arrested her on the charge of human smuggling.

Earlier this week, a Texas State trooper pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. The trooper then called U.S. Border Patrol agents after finding out there were four illegal immigrants in the vehicle, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show.

On Thursday, Adriana Valero Monsivais and her boyfriend Roberto Gonzalez went before U.S. District Judge J. Scott Hacker who formally charged them with one count of human smuggling before ordering they be held without bond.

During the traffic stop, Gonzales told the border patrol agents that he had four passengers in the car who were illegally in the country. Valero Monsivais told the agents that she had papers and gave them a notice to appear, which is a document given to people who are detained after entering the country illegally and who are later released pending an immigration hearing at a later date. Court records show that after the traffic stop, agents took the group to a border patrol station and spoke with the four rear passengers in the vehicle, who said they had entered the country by crossing through the Rio Grande and got picked up by Gonzalez and Valero Monsivais.

Gonzalez refused to speak with agents, however Valero Monsivais told them that her friend, identified as April Castillo, had hired her to pick up the group near the river and take them to drop them off at a grocery store in Laredo; she would be paid $50 per illegal immigrant she picked up, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show.

Gonzalez had a prior human smuggling conviction and a minor drug charge, while Valero had an arrest warrant out of San Juan Texas for destruction of property.

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