Illegal Alien and Naturalized Citizen from Mexico Plead Guilty to Meth Trafficking in US

Illegal Alien and Naturalized Citizen from Mexico Plead Guilty to Meth Trafficking in US

HOUSTON, Texas–An illegal alien and naturalized citizen from Mexico both plead guilty to distributing methamphetamine in the U.S. 

Thirty-year-old Jorge Alejandro Galvan-Ibarra is an illegal alien who was living in the Dallas area, according to the FBI. He and 27-year-old Francisco Calderon, a naturalized citizen, both admitted to distributing more than one kilogram of meth. 

The duo were arrested on June 3 as they tried to distribute the drugs. The FBI reported that Calderon handled the “transaction” in McAllen, a city in Southern Texas that borders Mexico. Galvan-Ibarra was then set to transport the meth to Dallas.  

An indictment obtained by Breitbart Texas claims that the two men had been distributing illegal drugs since January 2013. Their sentencing is set for October 22, 2014. They could ultimately spend up to life in federal prison and be ordered to pay a $10 million fine. 

The FBI press release on the matter did not mention in its headline that Galvan-Ibarra is an illegal alien. It is not the first time that a news story has attempted to downplay the involvement of illegal immigrants in serious crimes.

Earlier in July, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby reported on Pedro Alberto Monterroso-Navas, an illegal immigrant who was released by U.S. authorities with a Notice to Appear. Monterroso-Navas was arrested for the alleged murder of a woman and kidnapping of children in the U.S. The Associated Press first reported on the alleged crime, but did not mention that the suspect was an illegal alien.

Darby was the first to confirm that Monterroso-Navas was part of the Obama Administration’s catch and release policy for family units entering the U.S. illegally from Central America. 

Galvan Ibarra Indictment

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