Walmart Employees Discover Teen Who Was Living in Their Store for Days

Walmart Employees Discover Teen Who Was Living in Their Store for Days

A Texas teenager lived in a Walmart in Corsicana for almost three days. A spokesperson with the Corsicana Police Department told Breitbart Texas that the 14-year-old was inside the store for a total of 54 hours. 

During that time, the teen hid in two “compounds,” according to local media outlet CBS DFW. He stayed in one campsite behind stacked up boxes full of baby diapers, and another behind stacked up toilet paper. 

While he was living in the store, the boy reportedly ate food from Walmart’s shelves and slept on a makeshift bed. He was even able to grab drinks through a crack in the drink aisle. 

The boy seems to have feared being caught, as he wore diapers to avoid bathroom trips. Still, he apparently made himself fairly comfortable in the mega store–he even brought a goldfish into his compound from the pet department. 

Walmart customers never noticed the teen. 

The Corsicana Police Department provided Breitbart Texas with a press release which stated that the teen had run away from home. He was staying with his aunt before when he went to the local Walmart. “The aunt reported that while she was watching television, the juvenile had run out the front door of the residence,” the press release said. 

It also pointed out that the teen had “a history of running away.”

According to local reports, it was a trash trail that ultimately caused employees to discover the teenager. 

“You never expect that you’re at Walmart and someone has been living there for four days. That’s crazy,” one Walmart customer told CBS DFW.

Another reportedly added, “I’m wondering what his parents think, and how come he didn’t come home, and why aren’t they worried about him.”

Child Protective Services was not contacted, according to the press release, because there was no indication that “the juvenile was a victim of possible abuse or neglect or was living in a dangerous environment. … The Navarro County Juvenile Probation Office is handling the follow-up of this case.”

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