Former Yankees Pitcher Brad Halsey Dies Climbing in Texas Hill Country

Former Yankees Pitcher Brad Halsey Dies Climbing in Texas Hill Country

Brad Halsey, a 33-year-old former major league pitcher, died while climbing in the Texas Hill Country area on Friday, October 31. Halsey’s death occurred after he jumped or fell from a 100-foot cliff near his family’s home. 

The manner of Halsey’s death is currently unknown, according to USA Today. The pitcher died from multiple blunt force injuries, said Judge Jennifer Saunders of Comal County. Saunders told USA Today, “It appeared that he had climbed up about a 100-foot cliff on a private property and was discovered in a little road going up into that property. He had either jumped or fallen.”

Suicide has not been ruled out, as the investigation into Halsey’s death is ongoing. His body was found on a rural road early Friday afternoon; a memorial service will be held sometime on Friday, according to Fox News

Halsey’s mother has expressed a desire to keep details about the death private at this time. 

Halsey, a Houston native known for being a left-handed pitcher, was drafted by the New York Yankees and given a spot in their pitching rotation in 2004. In July 2004, he got the walk-off hit that ended the game with the Red Sox, giving the Yankees a 5-4 win.

Later in his career he also played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics. 

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