Earthquake Hits North Texas

Earthquake Hits North Texas

North Texas was hit with an earthquake late Saturday night. At this time there are no known injuries, nor is there any damage, resulting from the incident. 

The magnitude-3.3 earthquake happened shortly after 9 p.m. east of Irving, according to the Dallas Morning News. Damage is highly unlikely to occur during earthquakes with a magnitude lower than 4.0.

The activity reportedly occurred about two miles beneath the ground.  

It is not uncommon for small earthquakes to hit North Texas. Irving alone has experienced several earthquakes so far this year.

Critics of fracking have attempted to blame the phenomenon on the drilling method, which includes blasting water, sand, and other chemicals beneath the ground’s surface. “In the Tarrant County city of Azle, which has endured hundreds of small earthquakes since fracking and injection well activity began, residents have reported sinkholes, cracks in the walls of homes and air and water quality concerns,” the Morning News reported. 

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