Cruz Doubles Down: Block Obama’s Appointees

Cruz Doubles Down: Block Obama’s Appointees

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said that Congress should block all of President Obama’s nominees — other than vital national security positions — until the executive action on immigration is reversed. 

Appearing on Monday morning’s Fox and Friends, Cruz said that the president “has a very strange view of how our Constitutional system works. He demands the policy he wants, and if Congress disagrees with him he says, ‘Well I’m going to enact it anyways.'” 

Cruz laid out a “detailed and systematic plan” that Congress can take to push back against Obama’s amnesty. He said, “The incoming leader of the U.S. Senate should announce that if the president implements this illegal amnesty, we are going to halt confirming any judicial or executive nominees — other than vital national security positions….No Attorney General should be confirmed unless that Attorney General makes [it] perfectly clear that they’re not willing to be a part of this illegal and unconstitutional amnesty. “

The American people made it clear, Cruz said, that they do not want amnesty during November’s elections. “A few weeks ago President Obama rightly said that his policies were on the ballot all across the country,” the Texas senator said. “Look at the election. This election was a reparandum on amnesty. If you look at what candidates were campaigning on across the country, they were saying, ‘We don’t want illegal amnesty from the president.’ The voters spoke overwhelmingly. It was a historic tidal wave.”

Instead of listening to the public, however the president responded with “anger and defiance, and said, ‘I don’t care what the American people say, even though my policies were on the ballot all across the country, even though voters said no to amnesty, I’m going to decree it anyways.'”

Cruz pointed out that the Federalist Papers warned of “a president taking on the powers of a monarchy.”

The president’s amnesty announcement should ” scare anybody who is concerned about individual liberty,” Cruz concluded. “To all the liberals who say, ‘I like this policy,’ I would ask them, ‘What about the next president?’ There will be another president. And maybe it’s a president whose policies you don’t agree with. If the president has the ability to announce, ‘I’m not going to enforce federal immigration laws because I disagree with it’…that’s dangerous and it’s why we have a Constitution.”

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