Tear Gas Deployed in Ferguson Amid Chaos

Tear Gas Deployed in Ferguson Amid Chaos

Tear gas was deployed by law enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri against people who were protesting the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case. As Breitbart News reported earlier, the decision of a Ferguson grand jury to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Brown sparked protests in the town just outside St. Louis. 

Breitbart News contributor Michelle Moons was on the scene in Ferguson, along with fellow Breitbart News contributor Christian Hartsock, and took video of the aftermath of the tear gas being released:

Moons reported that before the tear gas was deployed, she had observed hundreds of protesters in the streets. She heard what sounded like gunshots several times, but has not been able to confirm that they were, in fact, gunshots. According to Moons, the police set off multiple flares that shot up into the air and then fell back to the street, filling the street with smoke. The tear gas “set off hundreds of people running down the street.” 

Moons said she observed people coughing as they fled the tear gas. Moons and Hartsock could smell the tear gas themselves and starting backing away, feeling slight effects from it. 

Breitbart News has reporters on the ground in Ferguson and will continue to follow this breaking news story.

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