Texas Border Prosecutors Help Victims Celebrate Thanksgiving

Texas Border Prosecutors Help Victims Celebrate Thanksgiving

MCALLEN, Texas — Texas border prosecutors and investigators have set out to help crime victims and those in need to have a joyful Thanksgiving.

Earlier this week investigators and prosecutors with the Starr County District’s Attorney’s Office kicked off their Thanksgiving drive reaching out to families that have been victims of crimes in order to provide them with jackets, blankets, heaters, toys and dinners.

“While the holiday seasons are a time of joy for many, in the case of our crime victims those are some very difficult days because they are dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one or some other type of crime they were victims of,” said Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar. “The members of our office do all we can to help those victims have a little joy this season.”

 In order to help the crime victims, Escobar raised funds and used seized assets to pay for the dozens of dinners and other items that were given out to the community. During the events, his investigators helped identify additional needy families and distribute the dinners.

 “As public officials we have a responsibility to do the jobs we have been tasked with, but we are also human and as such we have a duty to help those in need,” Escobar said.

The actions of the Escobar’s team along with other Texas law enforcement agencies along the border which held thanksgiving community events such as the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, McAllen Police show a side of law enforcement that is very different from that portrayed by various outlets. In recent days, some news outlets and protesters have demonized police agencies in the wake of a grand jury decision in Ferguson Missouri where Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of any charges for the shooting of Michael Brown. 

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