Humming Energy Industry Gives Birth to Texas Gas & Oil Law Institute

Humming Energy Industry Gives Birth to Texas Gas & Oil Law Institute

As Texas’ humming gas industry has created demand for attorneys with certain skill sets — in response to this need in the market, a law institute focused on gas and law is being launched in South Texas. 

On Wednesday, Houston’s South Texas College of Law announced the launching of the institute. There, law students will receive training that will specifically prepare them for legal work in the gas and oil industry. 

“The Institute will seek to respond to the specific, practical needs of law firms and the energy industry and provide students the education and training they need to make immediate contributions to the oil and gas industry,” the college said in its announcement

Christopher Kulander, a visiting associate professor, has been selected as the institute’s director. He previously taught oil and gas law at Texas Tech University. 

“South Texas has a unique opportunity to be the leading law school for educating and training practice-ready graduates in the oil and gas industry – and that is attractive to potential employers,” Kulander said in a statement. “The workforce needs of the oil and gas industry continue to grow, particularly in the legal arena. South Texas fully understands this fact and is prepared to address those demands through the Institute’s diverse classes and programs”

According to Kulander, students in their third year will enjoy a curriculum that is much more “specialty-focused and practice-responsive.” Thriving students will receive help in attaining legal positions at powerhouse energy companies. 

The college’s president and dean, Donald J. Guter, added, “With the United States in the midst of an historic energy transformation and Houston at the heart of it, South Texas College of Law knew it was the right time to establish the Oil & and Gas Law Institute. Our goal is be the national leader in oil and gas law education. The needs are great, and we believe there isno better place to have this Institute than at South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston.”

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