Law Enforcement Officer Shot Near Texas Border

Law Enforcement Officer Shot Near Texas Border

MCALLEN, Texas — Authorities are working to identify and arrest the gunman who shot and injured a Texas border cop on Monday morning.

The shooting took place on the city’s south side when McAllen Police Officer Jesus Mora was looking into a suspicious vehicle when the driver of the vehicle took a single shot at him, said McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez told Breitbart Texas.

The vehicle which is described as a dark colored minivan was parked on the side of the road in a developing area where the road had been closed off to traffic for paving purposes; the vehicle parked in that area drew the officer Mora’s suspicion prompting him to check into the vehicle.

“As the officer approached the vehicle the driver reached out firing one shot that struck the officer in the shoulder,” Rodriguez said. “The officer responded firing various shots but the vehicle sped off.”

The officer who is described as a 9-year veteran was hit in an area that is not covered by bullet resistant vests but was treated and released at a local hospital, the chief said.

“This is the most serious thing that anyone can do,” Rodriguez said. “The one thing that protects us and lets us go about our daily lives is that thin blue line; this is not something that we take lightly. This individual took a shot at a uniformed police officer, it is clear that his intent was to kill an officer.” 

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