Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Mexican Government

Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Mexican Government

A Mexican farmer demanding justice set himself on fire outside of a government building in yet another chapter of the daily protests that taint the image of a perfect nation that the Mexican government tries to portray.

The extreme protest took place on Friday afternoon outside of the state capitol in the Mexican state of Chiapas where 18-year-old Agustin Flores laid down as his fellow protester doused him with gasoline and then set him on fire, according to a video posted on and various Mexican news outlets.

After a few moments of chaotic screaming, protesters were able to put out the flames and get him medical attention. Flores and the group had been demanding the release of his uncle Florentino Gomez, the leader of a farming association that had been jailed on cattle theft charges that the group claims are political in nature.

In recent weeks Mexico has been the scene of massive protests throughout the nation as various factions continue to show their discontent with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his government over the country’s worsening security situation, the never ending drug war, a failing economy and the latest corruption scandal to hit social media.

The strongest protests came after 43 education students, from the Mexican state of Guerrero, were kidnapped by police officers only to be turned over to cartel hitmen who executed them, incinerated the bodies in a local landfill, and dumped the ashes in a river. Despite a massive deployment of federal police forces to Guerrero, which is home to the resort destination of Acapulco, violence continues to be a problem as various drug cartels fight for control of the area. 

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