Mexican School Janitor Arrested with Rifles in School

Mexican School Janitor Arrested with Rifles in School

A school janitor in the Mexican border city of Reynosa was arrested by Tamaulipas state authorities after weapons and drugs were found inside a local school.

The arrest took place Monday afternoon at a middle school in the Mexican border city, when authorities found three assault rifles and 1,000 ammunition rounds, the Associated Press reported.

Tamaulipas law enforcement authorities have not yet released any information about the case nor confirmed the man’s identity to Breitbart Texas.

Tamaulipas education officials told the AP that the case was atypical and that the janitor was not a government employee but was in fact hired by the parents.

Reynosa is a border city that has experienced regular firefights, kidnappings and extortion at the hands of the Gulf Cartel. Breitbart Texas previously reported that a the Valle De Mexico University in Reynosa had been forced to halt its classes for some time after members of the Gulf Cartel tried to extort school officials. 

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