Three Cartel Hitmen Killed Near Texas Border

Mexican Marines
AP Photo

A fierce firefight just south of the Texas border resulted in the death of two gunmen as well as a considerable amount of property damage. A third gunman also died in a recent shootout.

The shootout took place this week near the town of Diaz Ordaz which is just 30 miles west of the border city of Reynosa, the Tamaulipas government said in a prepared statement issued to Breitbart Texas.

A Mexican military convoy had been conducting a routine patrol along the Reynosa- Camargo highway when they came across a group of gunmen riding a late model Toyota Tacoma and a Volkswagen Jetta. The Mexican soldiers came under fire and fought off the attack and chased the vehicles into the town where the Tacoma crashed into a ditch. Two gunmen that had been riding in the Tacoma continued to fight the soldiers but were gunned down. During the pursuit unknown individuals threw road spikes along the road in order to slow down the soldiers but ended up causing multiple motorists to get flat tires.

After the fight the soldiers seized three assault rifles, magazines for Ak-47’s and AR-15’s and other tactical gear.

Just last week, in the border city of Matamoros, Mexican marines killed a cartel hitman after a lengthy firefight that froze traffic in the city as gunmen set up roadblocks in order to stop authorities.

During that fight, convoy of Mexican marines spotted a group of gunmen also in a Toyota truck and when they pursued them the gunmen began shooting at them. One of the gunmen died when the truck crashed into two vehicles while the rest of the gunmen managed to run away.

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