UPDATE: 911 Threat Alleges US Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped by Mexican Cartel

Border Fence and Border Patrol Agents
AP Photo

The U.S. Border Patrol agency released the following update to Breitbart Texas:

As of 10 am local time all on duty RGV sector agents have been accounted for. At this time RGV sector has not been able to corroborate the authenticity of the phone call received by the La Joya Police Department. Nevertheless through an abundance of caution the sector continues to pursue existing protocols to account for all RGV sector agents. The sector is also communicating with the CBP office of internal affairs, FBI, the La Joya PD and the government of Mexico regarding the original call. The sector employs approximately 3100 agents.

MCALLEN, Texas — A person claiming to be a cartel member called 911 in the border city of La Joya, Texas stating that they had kidnapped a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The call was reported by La Joya Police who notified other law enforcement agencies of the threat as they worked to confirm the veracity of the threat.

In response to the report, the U.S. Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector began an accountability protocol of its personnel, a Border Patrol official said to Breitbart Texas. “We heard about the report,” said RGV Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora. “We are undergoing our accountability protocols.” Zamora said the measures undertaken by authorities are precautionary in nature since the threat has not yet been verified.

La Joya is on the border with Mexico and is one of the human and drug crossing areas on the Texas Border.

The highway that connects La Joya to McAllen is one main corridors used by human and drug smugglers looking to find the prized U.S. 281 that leads north. The location of La Joya has led to regular police pursuits some of which have ended in deadly crashes.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, La Joya was the scene of a deadly shootout between a Texas gang member and convicted drug trafficker connected to drug cartels and authorities. The three hour long shootout resulted in more than 500 shots being fired and the death of 29-year-old Joaquin “El Cruzador” CIbrian, a member of the Texas Syndicate gang who had ties to the Gulf Cartel and would openly brag about crossing massive drug loads. Cibrian was originally wanted on the charge of capital murder for executing a man in connection with stolen drugs.

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