Mexican Soldier Killed Wife and Six Children During Holiday Season

Mexican Cemetery
AP Photo

A Mexican soldier is believed to have murdered his wife and six children before hanging himself in the town of Ecatepec in the central State of Mexico just before Christmas Eve.

Mexico State Police continue to investigate the gruesome murder which sent shockwaves through the central part of Mexico, the TV network Milenio reported.

Authorities initially responded to the house of 35-year-old Carlos Herrera, a Mexican soldier who had gotten into a heated discussion with his 30-year-old wife. Preliminary information points to Herrera beating his wife to death and then either suffocated the children or used rat poison on them. Mexico State investigators were in the process of conducting autopsies on the bodies to determine the cause of death. Authorities have not released information on Herrera’s military history or other information on his background.

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