Another Texas Woman Accused of Injecting Liquid Rubber Into Buttocks Near Border

AP Photo
AP Photo

MCALLEN, Texas — A female bodybuilder is facing federal charges in yet another case involving women injecting liquid rubber into buttocks near the Texas border with Mexico.

Maribel Quintero is expected to face a federal judge after a grand jury handed down a 16 count indictment against her accusing her of being practicing medical procedures without a license for allegedly injecting women’s buttocks with liquid rubber and for mislabeling products in accordance to FDA regulations, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal.

The case against Quintero began in October when officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection found two bottles of clear liquid in her vehicle.

Quintero told the officers that she was a bodybuilder and the liquid was oil that she used for competition. Once she left, federal agents and McAllen police went to Quintero’s residence. After questioning, she told the agents that two men had paid her to bring the liquid rubber from Mexico.

The recently filed indictment alleges that Quintero was in fact injecting women with the rubber and not just smuggling the product which is called Replisage.

Quintero’s new charges come just days after as Breitbart Texas reported Elva Navarro, another Texas border woman who received a three year sentence for injecting around 30 women’s buttocks with liquid rubber, resulting in the death of one of them and sending various others to the emergency room.

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