Mexican Official Draws Criticism for Buying Son a Porsche

Mexican Flag
AP Photo

A Facebook post has created controversy in Mexico as the public demands to know how a mid-level politician was able to afford a new Porsche sports car for his son.

The outrage began when Heliodoro Carlos Diaz Escarraga posted a Facebook photo of his son in a new yellow Porsche Cayman telling him to “take care of it”, Mexico’s El Universal newspaper reported.

Diaz is the regional coordinator for Mexico’s Federal Worker’s Housing Institute (Infonavit) and has had various other political appointments while his son works for a government funded company that provides milk for low income families called LICONSA.

Through Twitter and Facebook, social media users called out and mocked the Mexican government which in recent years has been rocked by scandal after scandal of corruption including various governors and other officials who have been accused of bribery, corruption and even taking money from drug cartels.

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