Mom of Six Refused Cancer Treatments in Pregnancy, Made It to Christmas for Kids Before Dying

Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor Facebook

Kathy Taylor, mother of six who was diagnosed with melanoma when pregnant but refused treatment, has died. Her husband, Nathan Taylor, posted his appreciation to those who supported the family. His blog post on said “Kathy’s desire was to make it past Christmas, for the kids.” He called her a “Woman of unwavering faith.”

Mrs. Taylor passed away New Year’s Eve. The 34-year-old woman was at her home with her family and her in-laws when she died. She was 26-weeks pregnant last August when she was diagnosed with cancer. She refused to be treated for fear what it would do to her unborn child, Luke. The doctors told her at the time that she only had a few days, or weeks, to live.

According to Fox News late last summer, the cancer forced Mrs. Taylor to give birth on September 11th shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. Taylor put off the delivery as long as she could but had to give birth when her liver started failing. Her son was 14 weeks premature and weighed just over 1 pound. Luke died two weeks later on September 27th from an infection.

Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Mrs. Taylor was given only 24 hours to live after Luke was born but the young mother held on for months. Taylor told Fox News at the time it was her “faith in God and the love of [her] family” that helped her through the last several weeks. She said she was going to “do what I can to stay here for them.”

The Taylors chronicled their struggles during Kathy’s last few months in a fundme blog called “Kathy’s Miracle.” On Thanksgiving, they posted a photo of her keeping with her tradition of reading “A Christmas Carol” every night with the children.

Mrs. Taylor wrote a blog post on Christmas Eve saying she was becoming more ill but her faith was continuing to sustain her. She prayed that her husband and her family would be comforted but wrote she “will be grateful to be out of pain and with Heavenly Father and Jesus and hope to be able to offer lots of comfort to my family from the other side.” She wrote she was sure that “he is holding my hand as I am being divinely tutored and then he buoys me up with all of the love and gifts, and care, from so many people.”

Nathan Taylor posted on the day of his wife’s death about his grief, and about how he fainted when he saw her after she had passed. He wrote “[m]y announcement of her passing was the telling of how she passed and was not meant to be a tribute of her. In the coming days or weeks I should like to tell some of my own thoughts about my wife as I have not hitherto done so.”

Mr. Taylor wrote on a Facebook post on the Nathan and Kathy Taylor Charitable Account that New Year’s Eve will always be a celebration of Kathy Taylor’s life.

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