Video of Mexican Governor Slapping Aide Goes Viral

Manuel Velasco
YouTube screenshot

The Governor of the Mexican State of Chiapas has drawn much criticism in Mexico after a video of him slapping an aide went viral.

The newly surfaced video is from an event promoting Governor Manuel Velasco’s Second State of the State Address held last month.

In the video Velasco is seen shaking the hands of various attendees before slapping a cap-wearing aide whose face is not seen in video.

Moments after the video was uploaded to Youtube, social media users in Mexico began to criticize Velasco and the Mexican government in general, claiming that the government has grown too distant from the public. Velasco has since held an event where he publicly apologized to his staff member, but the criticism on social media continues.

Mexican governors have been highly criticized in recent months as the security conditions in Mexico continue to worsen. As Breitbart Texas previously reported, so far, two governors have resigned from their post after failing to improve the security in their states.

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