Four-Time Deported Criminal Alien Distributed Drugs in US for Mexican Gulf Cartel

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MCALLEN, Texas – Mexican cops in the border city of Matamoros arrested a Gulf cartel member in charge of shipping drugs to New York and Ohio who happens to be a four-time deported alien with a lengthy criminal history in the United States.

The arrest took place when Tamaulipas police officers were patrolling a residential area in Matamoros and spotted Mauro Fernando Montemayor Estrada who was getting off an orange Hummer H3 and immediately tossed a bag into the car when he saw the cops, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

The move appeared suspicious so the cops went to check and found the bag contained 88 marijuana baggies and 6 cocaine baggies.

Once in custody, authorities learned that Montemayor would get his drugs in Matamoros from a man known only a Mario and he would then ship his supply to New York and Ohio using an unnamed shipping company, the information provided by Tamaulipas officials revealed.

Montemayor who is a Mexican national has been deported several times in the past and is no stranger to U.S. authorities since his criminal history dates back to 1984 when federal agents arrested him at Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville with 38 pounds of marijuana in the gas tank of his truck. He spent 18 months in prison and was deported.

An investigation by Breitbart Texas into Montemayor’s criminal history revealed that in 1989 Montemayor was arrested by a local police department for a home burglary and later authorities in San Antonio arrested him with another marijuana load. In that case he received a 10-year prison sentence and was deported; however in December 1999 he once again was in custody for another drug offense. After serving that sentence he was deported in 2004.

Montemayor’s criminal history takes a violent turn in 2007 when federal agents arrested him in Laredo and found a loaded Beretta 92 handgun in his house.  During questioning Montemayor told agents that he was part of a criminal organization and even though he was an illegal alien and a felon he kept the gun for protection from his rivals. Federal agents didn’t name the Gulf Cartel or the Zetas in the criminal complaint even though at the time those two were the dominant criminal organizations in the area and both remain at war. For that crime, a federal judge sentenced Montemayor to seven and a half years in prison and ordered his deportation following the sentence.

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