Double Amputee Left to Die on Texas Border Fence

Border Fence - Reuters - Shannon Stapleton
Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

The U.S. Border Patrol was called to the border fence near the Progresso Port of Entry to rescue a double amputee illegal immigrant who had been left to die by his human smugglers. The weather on Monday night fell to the low 40s.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., Border Patrol agents were called to rescue a man who had been attempting to scale the fence along the Texas/Mexico border between Progresso in Texas and Nuevo Progresso in Mexico. The man was a double amputee whose legs were both amputated below the knee, according to KRGV News. The man had been left hanging on the south side of the fence.

The fire department from nearby Weslaco, Texas, was called to the scene to assist with the rescue. The rescuers found the man to be suffering from hypothermia from being exposed to the cold night’s air for approximately two-and-one-half hours. He had been abandoned by his smugglers after he became entangled in the fence.

The illegal immigrant was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was then taken to the Weslaco Border Patrol Station where he will be processed for deportation.

Breitbart Texas has previously reported about illegal immigrants who are left to die when they cannot keep up with their smugglers. In 2014, the bodies of nearly sixty illegal immigrants were found in Brooks County, nearly 100 miles from the border. In the first seven weeks of 2015, seventeen bodies were discovered.

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