Video Shows Narco-Corrido Singer Getting Gunned Down Mid-Show

Alfredito Olivas Seconds before being shot

A video that went viral in Mexico appears to show the moment when a narco-corrido singer gets gunned down on stage while performing in a concert.

In the YouTube video below, corrido singer Alfredito Olivas is seen playing the accordion during one of his performances in the Mexican city of Parral Chihuahua when more than 27 shots ring out as the singer collapses on stage from his wounds. The shots occur at the 1:28 mark in the video.

The shooting was carried out by a group of gunmen that stormed the event center going directly for the singer and opening fire, Mexico’s Proceso magazine reported. The magazine also claims that other gunmen had threatened local reporters in order to keep them from reporting on the attack.

The information published by Proceso appears to conflict with the version of events provided to the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office through a news release. In their version of events, Chihuahua investigators claim that the shooting was carried out by a jealous man and his two friends after the singer had been spotted flirting with girlfriend.

Olivas was struck at least three times by the group of gunmen and is hospitalized in critical condition, according to Tiempo la Noticia. Another Mexican publication, LaJornada, said that Olivas was airlifted to Los Angeles, California, hospital for treatment.

Corridos are regional Mexican songs that started off as war ballads but in recent years the topic of the songs has turned to folk songs about drug lords and their exploits. These are now known as narco-corridos. In recent years many narco-corrido singers have been killed in Mexico. In America the only corrido singer that has been gunned down is Jesus “Chuy” Quintanilla who as Breitbart Texas previously reported was gunned down in north of the border city of Mission in a crime that to this day remains unsolved.

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