Cartel Hitmen Kidnap and Behead Mexican Mayoral Candidate

Aide Nava Gonzalez - Twitter
Aide Nava Gonzalez - Twitter

Mexican cartel members kidnapped and beheaded a woman who was preparing to run for mayor in a small town in the southern Mexican State of Guerrero. The woman had a tragic history of attacks by cartel members but had carried on.

The body of Aide Nava Gonzalez was found at night in a rural road near the town of Oxtotitlan, Mexico’s Proceso Magazine reported. Gonzalez was a mayoral hopeful for the Democratic Revolutionary Party known in Mexico as PRD. Gonzalez was kidnapped by a group of men on Tuesday while traveling in a white Ford Lobo according to Sipse.

The woman’s headless body was left behind with a narco-banner signed by a group calling themselves Rojos.

“This will happen to all those (expletive) politicians who don’t want to line up, (expletive) masturbators,” the banner signed by the Rojos read in Spanish. The Rojos were once an enforcement group of the Sinaloa Federation who have since broken off and begun to act in an independent faction trying to get control of the major sea ports in Guerrero.

Nava Gonzalez had been stopped by a cartel commando as she traveled by night with her campaign team to the community of Tecoanapa.  The murder comes just two days after Nava Gonzalez had announced her participation in the race.

Just this past weekend, hitmen with the Gulf Cartel tried to ambush Leticia Salazar, the mayor of the border city of Matamoros, Breitbart Texas reported. Tamaulipas state officials quickly dismissed the assassination attempt as confusion on the part of the hitmen who thought she was a rival cartel member.

Nava’s tragic tale began when her late husband Francisco Quinones, who had served as mayor until his death in 2012, was gunned down by cartel sicarios. Shortly after, gunmen kidnapped her son who has never been heard from again.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the Mexican State of Guerrero is where 43 education students were kidnapped by police and executed by cartel gunmen in cahoots with the mayor of the town of Iguala named Jose Luis Abarca. The state is home to the beach resort of Acapulco which in recent years has seen a spike in violence and just last year the U.S. Embassy in Mexico warned Americans to avoid the area.