Clowns, Comedians and Narco-Stars Taking Over Mexican Politics

Guillermo “Lagrimita” Cienfuegos

The upcoming federal elections in Mexico has resulted in a number of actors, clowns and soccer stars seeking a spot in the arena of Mexico’s political elite. While many pundits already consider Mexican politicians to be buffoons, this latest political move adds a literal sense to the joke.

As Mexico’s security conditions continue to worsen and its political elite continue to be involved in scandals. The latest chapter in politics deals with a new wave of political prospects. The political hopefuls are looking to score a lucrative seat at a time when Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is being mocked on social media for his inability to properly pronounce words in English, and as Breitbart Texas previously reported, various government officials including governors have been tied to drug trafficking.

The relationship between Mexico’s political elite and TV stars is not a new one. But, it has recently made waves since Pena Nieto’s wife, Angelica Rivera, made her name as a soap opera starlet and in her youth as pinup model for various calendars where the, now First lady, has posed in revealing bathing suits.

The new political hopefuls include:

  • Carmen Salinas, a comedian who made her name in the 80’s through off colored jokes and several straight to video movies. Her character was always known for her ability to deliver double entendre. Salinas is trying to get a seat in Mexico’s congress through a political maneuver where a certain party gets a number of seats just by its sheer numbers so she doesn’t have to fight for her seat.
  • Guillermo “Lagrimita” Cienfuegos (shown in photo above), a famous Mexican clown who has appeared on television shows and various circuses is trying to get his name on the ballot to become the mayor of Guadalajara. Cienfuegos has publicly said he has the backing of various syndicates of clowns, magicians and mimes.
  • Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former soccer star who earned multiple international awards for his uncanny ability in the field, is seeking to be the next mayor of Cuernavaca Morelos. In a televised press conference, he said he is running to help the average citizen and he will not be embezzling money like many other politicians.
  • Ivonne Alvarez, a current Senator for Mexico’s ruling party (PRI), is the top contender to be the next governor of Nuevo Leon. Before successfully entering the political arena, Alvarez had made her name hosting various regional Mexican music TV shows in the Mexican TV station Multimedios.
  • Bernabe “El Gatillero (Triggerman)” Melendez, who made his name as an actor and singer in various B-movies about Mexican drug cartels, is seeking a seat as a federal congressman representing Tijuana.
  • Claudia Casas, a Mexican actress who recently made her name playing the damsel in distress in numerous Narco-movies, is also seeking a seat in Mexico’s congress.

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