Chinese Restaurant in Tijuana Served … DOG


A Chinese food restaurant in the border city of Tijuana has been shut down after authorities found out that the main dish was … DOG.

Mexican police raided a restaurant named Lo Yen City after tipsters notified them that the cooks were skinning dogs, Mexico’s SDP Noticias reported.

When police arrived they found the remains of two dogs that were about to be cooked in preparation for being served to the unsuspecting patrons.

Five employees, three of them Chinese and two Mexicans, have been detained by authorities as the case undergoes further investigation, Mexico’s Frontera.Info reported.

The restaurant has already been shut down by Tijuana’s Health Department. Officials with the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (CANIRAC) have called for an in-depth investigation into the case.

“The patron doesn’t deserve to be treated that way and there needs to be much respect to the gastronomic industry in the city of Tijuana,” the local president of CANIRAC Martin Israel Munoz said to Frontera.Info in an interview. “These types of incidents cannot be allowed to happen and that is why we as a chamber we are working very closely with the health department sticking by the self-regulation programs that we have as a chamber.”

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