TV Station Sues Texas Border City over Favortism with Public Information

Weslaco City Council
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MCALLEN, Texas – A television station in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas has sued the border city of Weslaco over their refusal to release public information to them while freely giving the information to another local television station.

The lawsuit was filed in state court by KRGV- Mobile Videotapes (also known as Channel 5) against Weslaco and the City Manager Mike Perez, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed (attached below).

The news of the lawsuit were first published by The Monitor, a local newspaper whose reporter Michael Rodriguez reported that KRGV is currently seeking access to the information and to have the city pay the attorney fees.

According to the documents, a KRGV reporter had requested some information from the Weslaco Police Department. The information was never provided and subsequent queries into the matter were ignored by the department and the city. The lawsuit also states that police had, in fact, given the information to a rival station.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, Weslaco has a history of vendettas and ignoring the law. In 2014, Alvino Flores, a Weslaco police officer was arrested by his own department on trumped up charges that stemmed over a union dispute. The charges against Flores came just days after various members of his union had filed a federal lawsuit against now former police Chief Sergio Ramirez. At the time, Ramierz had been appointed as the interim chief and began targeting members of a rival union.

Weslaco is the same city that, in 2014, had several of its former city commissioners indicted on the charge of violating the Open Meetings Act after they cleared the room an continued holding their meeting. Earlier this year the city commissioners entered into a pre-trial diversion program instead of going to trial. They are required to complete community service and could even face probation, the Valley Morning Star had previously reported.

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