Texas DMV Tells Man Offensive License Plates Must Go

plate10n-2-web Texas DPS
Texas Department of Public Safety

A Texas man is livid that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is revoking the personalized license plates because they deemed them to be offensive. The plates have graced the back of his Lamborghini for the past three years. The seemingly innocent 370H55V vanity plates just happen to spell out “A-hole” when turned upside down and the DMV finds that offensive.

The plates belong to a Houston man, Safer Hassan. He told KRPC 2 “People have no idea what the plate means.” Right side up, he means, of course.

It may have gone unnoticed for a few years but Hassan recently received an official letter from the state informing him that 370H55V would be canceled within 30 days. Hassan disagrees with the agency’s decision and plans to appeal. “I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundaries,” he said.

According to KRPC 2, there are more than 120,000 personalized plates in Texas. However, more than a handful of applications have been rejected — like FATKID, 2LZY2P, HUMPIN, LSUSUX, POOPY and JUMPME.

The 370H55V plate is nothing new either. It has even been spotted in other states until those other state DMV’s figure out its meaning and then deem them profane.

The Houston Chronicle checked in with the DMV to get a gauge on what is considered a problematic personalized plate. They said that ideas for plates are declined in part if the numbers and words conflict with the existing plate numbering system or if they duplicate a plate already in use.

To avoid getting plates revoked, the director of Vehicle Titles & Registration Division, Randy Elliston suggested people should “think twice about how your idea could be construed.”

In Texas, curse words, reference to sex acts and excretory functions are prohibited from use on vanity plates. Derogatory or hateful references towards people or specific groups and violent threats are also banned.

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