Dallas Zoo Sports a New ‘Natural Born American Citizen’ Giraffe

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is all smiles following Friday’s birth of a baby giraffe. The infant giraffe is a female and, as of her first checkup, is 130 pounds and stands 5 feet, 10 inches tall. While the baby is yet to be named, she is already running circles through her mother, Katie’s legs.

In conjunction with the Animal Planet television network, the birth of the very tall baby was broadcast live online. More than 1.5 million people watched the live birth event.

The father giraffe, Tebogo, is said to be one of the most popular giraffes in the Dallas Zoo, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News..

Laurie Hollaway, the Director of Media Relations for the Dallas Zoo told Breitbart Texas that the calf is a female, but there will be a vote on a name. The Mom, Katie, gave birth after a 15 month gestational period, and just less than an hour of labor.

For those concerned about African animals being captured for zoos, it turns out that the mother, Katie, is a native born Texan (from the Fort Worth Zoo) and the father, Tebogo, is from Omaha, Nebraska.

The Dallas Zoo now has more than a dozen giraffes.