PGA Golfer Deletes Misunderstood 2nd Amendment Tweet on Texas Terrorist Attack

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The Associated Press

A professional golfer says his tweet on the foiled terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, has been misunderstood.

“If you feel the need to mock Muhammad in a cartoon, just realize that Muslims may decide to exercise their #2A rights on you #truth #WWJD,” Bob Estes wrote on Twitter. The awkwardly-worded tweet left readers believing the golfer sought to make a point against the First and Second Amendments. The golfer deleted the tweet soon after posting it.

Two Muslims opened fire yesterday on a contest held in suburban Dallas that awarded a $10,000 first prize to cartoons depicting Muhammad. The terrorists shot a guard before a policeman killed them.

Estes, a Texas native, owns four wins on the PGA Tour. The 49-year-old remains sidelined this year with a wrist injury. The tagline on his Twitter feed reads: “Christian. Conservative. Husband. Looking forward to competing again!”