Letter from a Fake Texas Ranger


Last week, a post from ChristianPatriots.Org focused on a letter from a “Texas Ranger” with disturbing details about the upcoming Jade Helm-15 military training exercises, set to run from July 15th to Sept. 15th in Texas and 6 other states.

The two-page letter goes into great detail about what the “Ranger” had seen, or heard about from others across the state. There’s just one problem: the letter is bogus. It’s a fake. The Texas Department of Public Safety takes a very dim view of impersonating a Texas Ranger.

Tom Vinger of the DPS spoke with Breitbart Texas on Friday, and provided this comment via e-mail a short while later:

“There is nothing to substantiate or even remotely suggest that this anonymous letter purportedly from a Texas Ranger is legitimate.  In fact, we believe it to be an outright fabrication.”

The DPS offered no additional comment, and declined to answer questions about possible charges against anyone connected with the letter. Several different offices within DPS reviewed the letter and the ChristianPatriots.org article built around it, contributing their analysis to the department’s official response.

The letter is around 800 words long.  Bits of solid information are woven into its fantastic narrative.  For example, the writer asserted “there are rail cars equipped with shackles rolling across the state, for transporting people to FEMA camps,” conjuring fears of political dissidents arrested in droves and hauled off to prison camps, while saying the intended purpose of these trains in the Jade Helm exercise is “for transporting terrorists, non-domestic.”  The writer conceded he has not personally seen these rail cars, but claimed to have spoken with others who have.

Additionally, he referenced the recent and very suspect closure of the Wal-Mart in Midland, tying that to “Continuity of Government” and other exercises by the Department of Homeland Security.

The only specific claim made by the author of the letter involved a possible attack on the Pantex nuclear weapons plant northeast of Amarillo.  He called it a “high value target” and said that “much of our preparations [sic] is to thwart any action by terrorists against the facility.”

Pantex is the nations’ most secure weapons facility, where atomic and hydrogen bombs are assembled, overhauled or disassembled. The security force at Pantex is also considered one of the best in the world, composed primarily of former Special Forces (Green Berets), Army Rangers, and Marines, armed with heavy weapons and armored vehicles. All of the facility’s primary security officers were recruited because they possessed a ‘top secret” clearance.

While the facility covers 16,000 acres, the central work area that handles the weapons, and the bunker storage area, are surrounded by redundant layers of anti-vehicle and antipersonnel protection – including guard towers, walls, berms and heavy fencing, plus a system of cameras and sensors sensitive enough to account for stray jackrabbits.

In a security incident a few years back, a worker reported two men in camouflage with rifles walking off the road outside the facility perimeter. The base went on “lockdown”status, and security forces were deployed… only to find two of their co-workers goose hunting on nearby private property. The incident stands as testimony to the alertness level, and response time, of security forces at Pantex.

Rob Milford is a news contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Facebook.