Texas Stabbing Suspect Spits His Own Feces at Cops

Jonathon Glenn Mugshot
Galveston County Sheriff's Office

A Galveston, Texas, man arrested for stabbing a man nearly to death has more legal problems after spitting his own feces at the arresting officer. Following an investigation by officers responding to a reported stabbing, the suspect took off on foot and officers were forced to chase him down to secure the arrest.

This is where things went from bad to worse, says a reporter for KTRK 13 in Houston. Officers placed 29-year-old Jonathon Glenn in the back of their patrol car. Glenn somehow managed to not only defecate in the back seat of the patrol car, he managed to get the feces in his mouth and then proceeded to spit it at officers.

Following this he attempted to strangle himself by placing his seatbelt around his neck. The officers extricated him from the belt and quickly took him to the jail for processing.

Glenn is currently being held on an aggravated assault charge. Bond for that charge was set at $100,000.

A records check revealed that Glenn is also wanted in Midland, Texas where a warrant has been issued for his arrest in regards to a kidnapping.

A staff member of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office told Breitbart Texas that Glenn has multiple warrants for his arrest. Those include two theft charges, one misdemeanor and one felony and a kidnapping charge. He also has a failure to appear charge on one of the theft charges.

In August, 2012, Glenn was arrested in Big Spring, Texas, on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault, according to a NewsWest9 report. Glenn allegedly kidnapped a woman outside a nightclub in Midland and sexually assaulted her for two days.

The victim and Glenn were in an on-again-off-again relationship. He allegedly approached the woman inside the club and grabbed her by the back of her hair. He then proceeded to drag her out of the club where he pushed her into his vehicle. She reportedly attempted escape but he grabbed the back of her head and smashed her face into the dash of his car. He allegedly broke her nose during that assault.

Authorities were not clear on how she escaped from Glenn. She immediately went to Big Spring police and filed charges.

“She’s got bruises on her all over,” Sheriff Gary Painter said in the NewsWest9 report. ”She’s got both eyes [looking] black and blue. She has a concussion and you can see the emotional damage.”

The spokesman for Midland County was not sure how Glenn got out of jail on the charges. He will be extradited back to Midland County, she said.

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