Texas Homecoming Queen was Swept Away in Flash Flood


A homecoming queen was on her way home from the prom early Sunday morning when she was swept away and killed by flood waters, about 35 miles from San Antonio, and just miles away from her home of Devine Texas. Her body has now been recovered.

According to the funeral home obituary, eighteen year old Alyssa Ramirez was a cheerleader and a star athlete who played tennis and volleyball at Devine High School. She served as student council President, and co-editor of the high school yearbook.

There were no barricades on the road where Ramirez’s car stalled out in the high water a few miles from her home, her aunt Roberta Ramirez told NBC affiliate WOAI.

“She did the right things,” Roberta Ramirez said. “She called 911. She called her father, but it was just too much and too quick.”

Breitbart Texas has previously reported about the devastation from torrential rain and flooding that has recently hit the Lone Star State.

Dramatic video of a man being rescued after he was washed away in an SUV near Boerne, Texas, is unfortunately not an isolated incident in the state.

Days of heavy rains and intense thunder storms have taken lives throughout Texas.

Dams have broken, and tornadoes have also hit the state.

Breitbart Texas reported about a family and their friends being swept away by flash floods after their vacation home in Wimberley, Texas was ripped from its foundation by a 25-30 foot wall of water. Over 300 homes in the area have been swept away by the flood waters.

Flood waters rushed over the dam at Lake Texoma along the Texas-Oklahoma border, while areas around a Texas dam near Lake Conroe and the town of Willis, Texas, are under mandatory evacuation orders.

Breitbart Texas reported that the dam in Montgomery County is in danger of breaching or leaking due to the damage caused from recent heavy rains in South Texas.

At least 37 Texas counties have been declared disaster areas by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2