Texas National Guardsman Drowns While Saving Children in Floods

Sgt 1st Class Joseph Ros - Family Photo
Sgt 1st Class Joseph Ros - Family Photo

A 26-year-veteran of the Texas National Guard died over the Memorial Day weekend while saving his three children and another child from drowning. While the children lived, Sergeant First-Class Joseph Ros had to be dragged unconscious from the water and was unable to be resuscitated.

Ros was spending the Memorial Day weekend at Matagorda Beach with his family and others when the children were pulled under by a rip current, according to the Army Times. Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant James Orr said that Ros and another rescuer immediately jumped into the water to attempt to rescue the children. The children were pulled to safety but Ros lost consciousness. He received CPR until medical assistance arrived, but they were not able to save his life. Ros was pulled from the water by three rescuers, including one police officer.

The Texas National Guard veteran had just volunteered to return to active duty to assist Texas flood victims. He had been deployed to Iraq in late 2004. He was currently assigned to the Headquarters Company of the 386th Engineer Battalion stationed in Corpus Christi. Texas.

Sgt 1st Class Joseph Ros in Iraq

Sgt 1st Class Joseph Ros in Iraq – Photo: Texas Army National Guard


“He loved his wife, three boys and little girl so much; nothing was going to come between his love for them,” Staff Sgt. Nelson Zepeda, with the 386th, said in the release.

In his civilian life, Ros served as a special-needs teacher and as a middle school principal. His most recent job was with the Van Vleck school district where he served as the director of maintenance and transportation.

“For many of us, he was more than a mentor,” Warrant Officer Joey Rodriguez, with the 386th, said in the release. “He was more like a brother to me. He pushed me to do better for myself. He is the main reason I became a warrant officer.”

Ros is survived by his wife and four children. A memorial fund has been established with Prosperity Bank. To make a donation, please contact the bank at 979-245-4200.

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