White Woman Accused Of Racist McKinney Attack Fights Back


Tracey Carver, the mother of three caught on tape at the McKinney Pool Party video assault, has “received unspeakable threats” – including threats to rape and kill herself and her children – according to her attorney, famous civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred.

During a press conference, Carver strongly denied making racial slurs at the pool party, and her husband’s best friend, a black man who lives in their home, backed her up.

Carver appeared in a press conference with 40-year civil rights lawyer Allred, and family friend Aaron Clark (“A.C.”). They were in Los Angeles, California at the time of the presser.

Carver and her family have been in hiding and left their home in Texas because of death threats. Tracey Carver is originally from California.

Allred said that Carver has provided evidence of the death threats to authorities. “These threats include threats to rape and kill her children and threats to rape and kill Tracey,” said Allred. “I am unable to repeat some of these threats because of certain obscenities and profanities.”

Carver claims false rumors and statements about what she said on the day of the infamous June 5th McKinney pool party have put her family in danger. Moreover, she says the pool party video is incomplete, and only shows part of what happened.

Carver is the mother of 3 children and she has 2 grandchildren. She has lived in McKinney, Texas for 11 years, and has a full-time job. She owns a home and is a member of the Homeowner’s Association in the Craig Ranch subdivision. She lives in her home with her husband, her children, and family friend A.C.

A.C., an African American, has been her husband’s best friend since college. Tracey Carver considers him a member of the family. Tracey’s mom calls him “son,” and Tracey considers him as a brother.

Although he has been called “an uncle Tom” for speaking out for Carver, A.C. wanted to be at the press conference to stand up for his “sister.” Allred said A.C. refuses to “cower in the face of these unwarranted verbal attacks and will continue to stand up for what he considers his family, including Tracey whom he has known for many years.”

Allred said she has been a civil rights lawyer for almost 40 years and has been involved in the civil rights movement for almost 50 years. She added that she has fought for racial and gender equality and equal rights for all minorities.

The famous lawyer said, “I agreed to support Tracey and her family, because I am very concerned that the movement for racial equality suffers a serious setback when innocent individuals are wrongly accused of making racists statements based on false rumors and find themselves and their children being threatened that they will be raped and murdered.”

“Polarization of the races, rather than progress toward equality is the result of false rumors,” Allred continued. “Lies must be stopped, especially in the case of Tracey Carver, who has lived her values of diversity and equality of opportunity through her deeds, not just her words.”

The famed lawyer ended the conference by declaring, “Tracey and her children need to be able to go home again and live, work and go to school in safety. Those who have lied about Tracey owe her an apology and it is long overdue for them to tell the truth about what really happened on June 5, 2015 in McKinney, Texas.”

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter@LanaShadwick2