Mexicans Resort to Humor over Trump’s Comments

Mexico making fun of Donald Trump - YouTube
Photo: YouTube/Los Tres Tristes Tigres

The series of now infamous comments made by presidential hopeful Donald Trump continue to spark outrage among the Hispanic community in the U.S.. In Mexico, rather than hold protests and publicly denounce him, the public has resorted to humor.

While the comments have earned Trump great support from individuals on the right, the same comments have earned him much hate from groups on the left and from prominent Hispanic artists and public figures.

In addition to various U.S. media networks severing ties with the magnate, Mexico’s Nuestra Belleza has also severed ties with the Miss Universe pageants, pageant director Lupita Jones announced earlier this week.

In a funny take on the backlash, a group of comedians known as the Tres Tristes Tigres posted a song to YouTube called “El Corrido de Trump” where they mock the businessman using double entendre. Through comical lyrics the musicians masterfully ridicule the presidential hopeful without actually directly insulting him. You can see their video here.

One of Mexico’s most famous entertainers, who has made inroads in Hollywood, Eugenio Derbez mocked Trump during a gala dinner where he made references to the fact that Latinos who work in the food industry might want to serve the presidential hopeful a little extra with his dinner.

“You’re wrong Mr. Trump we are honest and hardworking people. And Latinos are also waiters and cooks in all the restaurants in the Unites States therefore be careful next time you eat in a restaurant because you might literally swallow your words and something else.”

In a similar fashion, the border city of Reynosa saw the start of a new trend with the Donald Trump piñata. The likeness of the presidential hopeful was comically depicted in a paper figure that is filled with candy only to be broken with a stick at birthday parties and other celebrations.

The Trump piñata has made its way into the United States where, at local border flea markets, people have begun to request the unique party favor.

“I just think is funny; I was going to get a Buchanan one but then they told me they had this one and I said why not,” said Miguel Alaniz in Spanish, during an interview with Breitbart Texas, referring to a piñata in the shape of a Buchanan’s whiskey bottle.

Alaniz, who was an illegal immigrant from the Mexican state of Michoacán and is currently in the process of becoming legalized, said he has been living near the Texas border for about two years and like many immigrants he was offended by the comments but was very surprised by the reaction he saw in America.

“Well back home we just laugh it off and move on,” Alaniz said. “But I guess over here things like that turn into a big mess.”

Alaniz’s wife, Sandra Gomez, said she thought the comment was extreme since most illegal immigrants are hard-working individuals who seek a better life and, other than having arrived in America illegally, they have stayed out of trouble like her husband.

“Yes flaca (term of endearment in Spanish), but let’s not fool ourselves. It’s not that easy. There is some truth to what the man said, but he was rude,” Alaniz said in Spanish. “We live in Alton and that’s the place. Over there we have a lot of raza and they are mean. Every other day the (law enforcement) is there raiding one house or another.”

The area that Alaniz referred to is the rural area near Alton, Texas, which has been a place historically used by human and drug trafficking organizations as a place to set up stash houses using the remoteness of the area in an effort to conceal their activity.

“We’re not all criminals but at the same time we do have some very bad people,” Alaniz said. “Maybe Mr. Trump should have used other words, but one comment doesn’t affect me personally, it doesn’t pay my bills and I’m not going to let it ruin my party.”

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