Shabazz Jokes with Crowd: Would Never Say Something ‘Uppity’ like ‘Kill White People’

Shabazz uppity
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Lee Stranahan

In never-before-seen video, New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz joked with the audience at last Sunday’s rally in Charleston about claims that critics said he wanted to “kill white people,” saying sarcastically that he would not say something that “uppity.” The all-black audience of about 70 laughed along as Shabazz claimed he’d never made such a statement.

In this exclusive video clip, we bring you the entire beginning of Shabazz’s Sunday rally speech where he attacked critics.

Last week, Breitbart Texas brought you an explosive video that showed excerpts of longtime New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz giving a speech just a block away from the scene of the Charleston massacre of nine black churchgoers, allegedly at the hands of white racist Dylann Roof.

Shabazz was discussing Denmark Vesey; one of the founders of the Mother Emanuel AME Church and the mastermind of a failed 1822 slave revolt in Charleston. The black separatist leader told the crowd at the event that they need to “finish the mission,” an apparent reference to Vesey’s unfinished plan of killing “slave masters” and their family and bringing the slaves to Haiti.

In 1822, Denmark Vesey and 34 others were executed and the church was burned to the ground after his plan was foiled. President Obama made an oblique historical reference to this incident in his nationally televised Charleston eulogy.

Last week, Shabazz held another rally and lashed out at our reporting. Breitbart Texas interviewed him afterwards and published an exclusive interview where Shabazz claimed his remarks were misrepresented, saying:

…y’all took it out of context. I went over Denmark Vesey’s whole life history, I went over what kind of man he was, what kind of character he had.

Breitbart Texas never reported that Shabazz said directly to kill anyone. Shabazz, an attorney and experienced public speaker, made no such direct claim.

In the name of transparency, Breitbart Texas is publishing Shabazz’s entire remarks so readers can make up their own minds about Shabazz’s intent.

His discussion of Denmark Vesey begins at the 13:48 mark. You’ll note that at no point does he refer to Vesey as a liberator or emancipator, as he claimed in his second speech, but focuses on violent, grusome language to discuss Vesey and the experience of slavery that Shabazz claims he witnessed.

One rhetorical technique Shabazz is moving fluidly between the past of slavery and present day America. He also freely switches between talking about accused killer Dylan Roof and other people; politicans and white people in general.

The emotional imoact on the audience is notable.

Here’s a roadmap of the 35 minute Tuesday Rally video.

Shabazz begins by getting the crowd amped up by call-and-response shouting “Black power!” and the Malcolm X slogan “By any means necessary!”

:50 “What do want? Justice?”

1:23 “Let this cracker hear you!”

2:00 Shabazz introduces himself, discusses his involvement in Walter Scott shooting case.

2:45 Introduces other speakers.

3:40 Says the “White Man” is killing people not because of any specific religion but “the white man is killing us today for the color of our skin.”

4:00 Introductions continue,

7:50 “You know how the white man is…”

8:00 Discusses “slave codes” and refers to audience as ‘field slaves” in a positive ways, suggesting they are strong and rebellious.

9:30 “We shall overcome with who? The children of the slave masters and the children of slaves?”

9:50 “Godamnist, we ain’t forgiving nobody…”

10:00 Demands death and revenge for accused killer Dylann Roof in passionate, Biblical revenge terms.

Then Shabazz switches from Roof specifically to wider issues of white oppression:

11:45 “…with those who have oppressed you…with those who backed that Confederate flag…”

12:20 Attacks Gov. Haley and mayor as ‘crackers.’

13:35 “We shall overrun.”

13:48 Begins discussing Denmark Vesey.

14:10 Talks about Vesey organazing thousands of slaves in an uprising.

14:35 Detailed dicussion of Vesey seeing horrors of slavery, including stabbng black woman and killing their babies.

15:22 Talks about crushing blac babies under ‘their wicked white boot.”

15:30 Describes Vesey seeing black men hung and their genitals removed and put in a pickle jars to show what would happen to slaves who rebelled in South Carolina.

16:00 “Have you forgotten?”

16:10 Talks about South Carolina as a hub of slavery and says its wealth was stolen from black people via slavery.

16:40 “You say ‘I didn’t do it’ but your Mama did it. And your Mama’s Mama did it. And your Mama’s Mama’s Mama did it. And ain’t nothing happening until we get it all back.”

17:13 Attacks “negroes” who says he says are “on the damn payroll.”

17:40 “Someone’s hassto come here and fire up the field slaves, “ referring to the audience.

17:52 Shouts “Denmark! Denmark! Oh, we’re getting ready to rise up…”

18:12 “Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state. Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill every last one of them and kill all of their goddamn families.”

18:50 “We need some new Denmark Veseys today.”

19:00 Says AME Church has “betrayed Denmark Vesey”

19:20 Discuses Dylann Roof’s bond as unfair.

20:00 Attacks Dylan Roof bond hearing magistrate Gosnell as racist; claims he’s possible Klan member.

21:30 “Your pain and suffering means nothing to the white judges here in South Carolina.”

21:55 Discusses “United Snakes of America.”

22:40 “They don’t care nothing about you.”

22:50 Says if Roof gets out on bond, “There’s going to be a problem.”

23:30 Discusses Ferguson, Baltimore, New York police cases.

23:55 “An attack on the black family is an attack on me. It’s attack on you.”

24:50 “The problem is you think you’re dealing with people like yourself and you’re not.”

25:30 Discusses need for black people to own guns for self-defense.

26:40 “We don’t want forgiveness for Dylann Roof, all we want is his death.”

28:00 Says removing Conferate Flag isn’t enough. “Too little, too late.”

28:30 Lumps politicians in the same category as accused killer Roof. “They under the same flag. They’re all under the same damn flag. It’s the same Confedarcy, the same Confederate mindset of yesterday as it is today. Goddamn white sumpremacy. Goddamn racism. And we’re tired of racism and white supremacy. And we’re gonna bust it and burn it.”

29:15 Accuses ‘they’ of the church killing: “They done brought the fight to us. They have killed our state senator. They have killed our family. They have killed our elders. And it’s time to take action. It’s time to take action and hold them accountable.”

30:30 After victim’s family speaks, Shabazz discusses pakcing courthouse for what he says is upcoming hearing. (There was no hearing.)

31:15 Introduces Bobby Worthy.

31:32 After Worthy, Shabazz says “We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish. He didn’t finish his mission.”

32:00 Introduces Nicey X of Huey P. Newton Gun Club.

32:20 “If you believe we must be righteous and revolutionary and armed amongst ourselves, raise your hand.”