Police Investigate Failed Gang Hit Along Texas Border Streets

SJPD Gang Shooting - Twitter
Photo: Twitter/KRGV_Leslie


SAN JUAN, Texas – Police are investigating a failed gang hit where two vehicles with filled with gang members zoomed down a busy road of this Texas border community firing multiple shots while chasing another car. That care was driven by their target, a member of a rival gang.

Authorities in this border city continue to investigate the failed gang hit which left a woman with a grazing wound to her head.

At around 3:19 p.m. on Thursday, San Juan Police were called to a busy intersection in this city in response to two vehicles that were firing shots at another vehicle, SJPD Sergeant Rolando Garcia said to Breitbart Texas.

Police officers began searching the area for suspects or victims. One of the victims flagged them down and stated that there was a woman with a gunshot injury to her head in his car.

The gunshot was not serious in nature. It appears to have been a ricocheted shot that grazed her head.

Preliminary information points to the gunmen riding in a silver Dodge Charger and a silver Chevrolet Malibu. They are alleged to be members of the Tri-City Bombers who were targeting a member of the Texas Chicano Brotherhood.

The intended victim of the hit who has not yet been identified by law enforcement has had several run-ins with police and has been the target of gang violence in the past.

The Tri-City Bombers, aka “Bombitas,” are a street gang that began in the 1980’s as a break dancing group in Lopezville. Over time became a full gang with members on the streets and in the prison system. The gang has been responsible for multiple high profile murders and executions where they will disguise themselves as police officers (Pseudo-cops) and carry semi-automatic rifles.

The Texas Chicano Brotherhood is an offshoot of the Bombitas. They broke off in the mid 1990’s creating an ongoing turf war between the two gangs.

Various law- enforcement intelligence files, that Breitbart Texas has been given access to, revealed that both gangs have connections with Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Particularly with the Gulf Cartel. The rival gangs are active in the drug trade and in human smuggling.

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